Helping Hand

by JDove



Crash landin' what could be worse
Spend a minute in the church then it's earth feet first

Seen a picture of a Maybach worthless
Fell from the sky now it’'s time for me to surface shirtless

Now I don't mean to make you nervous a nudist
May throw you off but i rap like a Buddhist

I live like a monk my sit still live from the jump
And you thought that Michael Jordan could dunk

Story told casually dress to exist
Took my time ended up with a tree on my wrist

Blame the woods for my nature
No need for paper walk so big i can step on an acre

House so big outer space is a neighbor
Sleep till you die false alarm that's a hater

Mention go green i already went
Talk about a time well spent that’s wood


Can i get a helping hand got a hand help me up!
Immortality live it up! It took time but i'm finally getting up!

Earth of all places i know it's easy to run
I scream about face we’re not use the guns

They be holdin' lock n’ load shells explodin’
A higher knowing thought provokin’ soldier

a soul that refuses to adapt to culture
I hate your sofa like i hate the comfy
I hate the comfy i despise a sissy
Keep your bear hugs baby let's get grizzly

and i be all on the set like take another pic
I be all on the net like here’s another hit
Radio is the crack pipe
Voice in your ear like this doesn't sound right

Get excited for the arrival
JDove or just read a bible

I'm in a hideout so high i'll poke an eye out
And i put that on my tree house


Walls of confusion bound by illusion
Hit the ground runnin’ watch the ground start movin’

Speed of sound fast so my songs be zoomin'
My flight with angels got me sonic booming

Coat tails of the foolish
The chalk board we can use to destroy students
A reward we can use to hide they're stupid
Monsanto GMO my music

Organic Life till the world ends
Before the world ends i prefer to hold hands

Before the prom scene i would rather slow dance
Reynolds wrap foil your plans you never had a chance

Didn’t see it comin’ get it all never leave with nothin’
I'm in the mall to replace a button
Push a button JDove is getting up
and then it’s good will huntin’ i’ma feed you somethin’


released 08 January 2014
Produced by Anno Domini
Artwork Design by Ryan Fitzgerald
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Infrasonic Studios, Los Angeles



all rights reserved


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JDove New York, New York

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