Return of Sunshine

by JDove



I’m 28 and they callin’ me special
I’m finna blast last man tried to walk in my path
Watered the grass

Check the temperature of my past
You wouldn’t get close like seeing the sun up close
Through telescopes and blind hope

Slave rappers don’t need chains they need ropes
MC’s don’t need fame they all goats

If the lady want to leave don’t let her
Before warning that it’s cold outside
But beautiful weather

Letter to mom and pop this is forever
I know better word to the wise do it to better mankind forever

Fuck going platinum if creation is paralyzed
Meditation got me going places I visualize

Quietude is the essence the blessing is on thick
Statistically hell bent with lyrical content
According to comments

I’m doing fine under pressure
The return of the messenger


Berlin to NYC no one can define me
Highly inedible like tyson meat

I fit description of a Tyson with a mic in reach
I’m knocking out the competition right beside the beach

You relaxing in positions that’s designed to teach
If life is a buffet then I’ma stuff my beak

Octopus pissed off cos I stole the ink
No evidence in my skin but my pad is linked

No tellin’ how long I’ll last
Did I move too fast?
Still got a rocket to get past

My mind’s on other planets
Play the game to my advantage
Man the system is illegal
You asleep in dirty hammocks

Wake yo ass up beauty rest is for the hideous
We all got wings why you chillin’ in the nest

If I never breakthrough I know I gave it my youth
Which means I gave it my all to deliver my truth
Now I’m depending on you!


Leave it alone just leave it alone
She’s doing no wrong I’m writing a song

I’m here and I’m gone return to reborn
Rebirth of the soul rebirth of the whole

Nirvana in lessons you study in vain
There’s no one to blame remember the pain

Fly to new heights you can sit on the wing
Yeah I’ve been into some popular things

Been flying around even traveled the ground
Managed to pull some popular strings

Kick off on a guitar drool on the neck like a retard
I took a lot of photos when I’m in motion the Pixar

Offered flights to Cuba after I turned down the cigar
Writers block can only barricade the thoughts on radar

You willing to trust? You willing to love?
Did give it a chance so she can be with room to breath
The life you live is make believe

I’m yelling wait and see! What the future holds
Observation is easier when in cruise control

I know me I know them I know you I know us
You want the magic than get hit by the school bus


released 18 June 2015
Prod. by Sinima Beats
Recorded at Sweetsounds Studio, NYC




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JDove New York, New York

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