In The Meantime - EP

by JDove

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released November 2, 2015



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JDove New York, New York

Less is more.

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Track Name: Seven
Canto I

Seven up kundalini travel up
Sittin’ on my ass I’ma summon god

Buddha class enlighten me
I can see clearly you’re enticing me
This old soul I’m carrying date back to a Sumerian

Times get heavy a scale can never weigh me
My flows like the Euphrates
You bite you get the rabies

No foam no cappuccino you flat
Till I hop on that track
Now pancakes wouldn’t welcome you back

Riddle me that or riddle me this
What’s religion to an abyss?
A god chained by the ankles and wrist

Did they fail to mention Kemet?
You plankin’ I’m diving in it
Authentic no faults in it avoid this sky limit shit

Keep the pepto no pep talk just let go
Westside reside no death row you special

But what the fuck do I know?
I’m just a soul on a quest
Immortality I don’t rest timeless 7


Take a picture later
We in the elevator I’ll deal with you cameras later

Seven up…

And up high we go
So now we cruise now we cruise
To level 7 tell Buddha I’m on the way

Baby for now we cruise now we cruise
To level 7 to heaven with no delay

Baby we goin’ up up up hey
We goin’ up up up hey
We goin’ up up up hey
We goin’ up to 7 seven levels

Canto II

Seven mile place were lions crocodiles
Run the streets I run for weeks
Open wide or bite your teeth

If I can see it I can be-lieve it to the pottery
Open up the universe the heavens want to shower me

Quit or empower me quick that’s it
Words sharp enough to get a neck to slit
A head shoulder split now let it breathe a bit

Been standing on my own now I hate to sit
Unless I’m in the trench

They yelling bombs away!
The day I finally blow will be a holiday
I’m light years today

Don’t think about it just know it’s all good
Bag of CD’s some freebies and time on wood

I got it …

Travel light speak the language say it right
Keep in mind that want you want will not come over night

Take it out responsibility on my account
The ground level don’t know what the hell to talk about


Canto III

Seven levels agony and pain
To the top I aim
That’s your brain I’m leaving a stain
Fly without that plane

Boomerang bring back more
In war I’m a carnivore
If you listen closely you can hear the roar
Eat it raw!

Pick a paw you choose I’m all in you lose
My punchlines make headlines watch me end up in the news

CNN BBC rapping put me on TV
Told the world I’ll be on but very few would believe me

Change the channel if you don’t like what see I’m just jumping planets
The weight of the world is heavy my back is up for the challenge

Let bygones be bygones
I strong arm these pythons
I dare a snake to try and squeeze on any track I wrap on

I’m more than human more than super
All together super duper

Spare the cape but keep the power
Plant a seed become the flower

I can go for hours
7 days 7 options that’s 7 ways I can levitate
To a higher level I can’t wait we up
Track Name: Immortality
Canto I

Went back in time left my body here
Concentration is blatant I’m going everywhere

Told my leg to break it so I got rid of crutches
Before I board another plane
I’ll be boarding buses

Without grinding I’ll go insane
Borrowing for cheap in the street
Begging for the change
That I couldn’t see mentally

Bondage on your brain
Make it hard to sleep never do
Open up a lane like you open up a can of stew
You don’t know me

Life is specific
I’ll give the description for living
As long as you’re giving
More than you’re getting you’re winning

Mind set on rebuilding
My spirit is looking different
Looking up flights to Florence
I do it then feel enormous

It’s nothing for me to get it
All it takes is the sweat

Positive energy got me use to boarding a jet
One way tickets no visits
Living places I never

Been in my whole life
How can living get any better


Canto II

Stuck in a trance I can tell by the way you dance
Pick up the pieces you're puzzled in Avalanche

Your fame is crippling fans
You’ve been given a last chance
Use it to your advantage and advance

Don't blame nobody but the body you occupying quit crying!
The secret to living is dying heard it from a lion

If I faint then no worries I'ma get up
What you think about me is a hick up hold your breath

You go right and I go left
With every step I’m over death
I'm over you battle me once you O four two
My lifestyle you never knew

In time I grew like giants do
Discovered who I live to be
This transformation got me facing years of immortality

But fuck it! I’m all the time love it!
And I don't mind punching clocks till opportunity knocks

I don't mind losing sleep when I don't sleep in the street
Got on my feet with a beat and a promise to keep
But tell me why do you live?


Canto III

You California dreaming I’m California livin'
Your gift is not in rap
I’m dropping albums wrapped with a ribbon

I get my wisdom through trying lately my currency Euro
I'ma paint my life till life look like I live in a mural

They asking why you so late?
But I’m ahead of my time
I'm the type to get it early while you wait in a line

The grind got me on a level where I’m practicing flying
And if you ain't standing in front
Then I question your spine

Destined for greatness!

At least that's what my momma told me
A man with money's never lonely
But the world is phony

Jiminy Crickets I leap when a frog pivots
Who would've thought that these verses would burn skillets?
I purposely burn village

Can you imagine that?
Explaining Hell to a maniac
Where is Heaven at?

Quitting on a dream is like cutting out a scene
This is the time in between
Time Heals Everything
Track Name: Still
Canto I

Kinda shockin' ain't it?
Me and the watch related.

5th graded from stupidity
Wising up is hated.

I'm so underground that I’m underrated
Incubated in a dream that the clock invaded.

It takes time …

I go green all of the time
That's like 365
Don't come around here
You'll be dinnertime guys.

Straighten up your vision I invisalign eyes
Shirt without no collar I’m just cutting all ties
God told me I’m a God harnessed in a small size.

Ya know …

Woke up with no problems
No drama not a soap opera
I'm fist pumpin' out albums
Overdosing on volume.

And if that's the case
I'm a get it till I’m touching face

Make a move or meet your match
Avoid the ring or find out you're not a human being
You're much more


So we sit. Pause. Feel it in the still.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel it in the still.
Just sit. Pause. Dreams are very real.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel it in the still.
Just sit. Pause. Stress is on the build.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel it in the still.
Just sit. Pause. Dreams are very real.
Sit Pause. Feel it in the still.

Canto II

Time Heals Everything you will never wound us
If you don't understand a word you don't read much.

If you’re in a fast lane you don't think clutch
Short cuts never gimmie sawdust.

I spit raw that's my new lunch
Liberated by the work I did in 2 months

Go head wit it you dead chillin'
That's stall sittin' I’m just ad libin'
Good feelin' despite the fact the flow is ill stricken penicillin.

Ritalin pills can paint a ceiling
Don't be surprised when my wrist swells
I know the pope well.

Vocal is on some kill the dragon style
Lose sleep became a knight owl label meat cash cow.

I'm doing this for the world now
Hit you like a ton of bricks
Running quiet but my walk loud.

Bending over got you ass out till you pass out
Run the dream down till it pass out chest out.


Canto III

A bank account man I’m larger than it
They said my credit was bad I say that's man invented.

Why is man offended to see you Eden?
I'm eating Whole Foods hunger pains old news
Had to cut fools.

Guard the middle or the head loose
I walk the sun in the snow boots
I do the opposite.

You drop a hit feel a couple tits
Than call it quits improve your wits
Cali kush while playing 2pacalyse.

I can see it all in her hips
Say she not a gold digger but she ride in the whip

Takin' one to many sips buzzing on the star life
Waken with a hangover like she had a good night.

When I’m still I move a mile a minute
I'll blow up in minutes
Its game time I just left the scrimmage committed.

The rate I’m going maybe heaven will remember me
They say my ethic is gangsta I keep it Kenny G